May 3, 2017

Today GREEN THAT WORKS has opened to the WORLD, thus it becomes GREEN THAT WORKS WORLD

GREEN THAT WORKS initially started with raising  public awareness on climate change issues among  students, teachers and professionals by hosting a Climate Reality Forum/Presentation with the Theme: On the Practical and the Doable Solutions for a Greener Philippines on August 27, 2016 at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

GREEN THAT WORKS eventually evolved into “A Seminar-Workshop On Practical Green Living.” The Citizens Organization Concerned with Advocating Philippine Environmental Sustainability (COCAP) in partnership with The Climate Reality Project (TCRP) Philippines sponsored this seminar-workshop to raise public awareness of climate change and related environmental concerns and to propose practical and doable solutions. It was be held on October 15, 2016 at DENR Visayas Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila. The Seminar-Workshop aimed to re-examine our duties and responsibilities towards creating a more environmentally friendly and a greener Philippines. It was organized to help and continue creating a future for Filipinos living in harmony with nature, and specifically to show practical ways of responding effectively today to the challenge that Climate Change brings. The Seminar-Workshop provided a clearer understanding of the global environment and showed how we Filipinos, the young and adults, students and educators that have been the catalysts for green leadership in environmental protection and sustainable development. In summary, the Seminar-Workshop aimed to 1. Continuously raise public awareness of the need for environmental protection; 2. Keep gathering, informing and empowering citizens, to become responsible stewards of the Earth, and 3. Offer practical and doable solutions on environmental problems, especially those spawned by climate change.

GREEN THAT WORKS further expanded into “A Research Write-shop on Climate Change.” It was be held on December 03, 2016 at De La Salle Araneta University, Victoneta Avenue, Potrero, Malabon City. We gathered Climate Reality Leaders and worked together with the 100 participants present during this event who came from different schools and organizations in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. One objective is to enable participants, undergrad and grad students and researchers to formulate relevant research topics and solutions on climate change issues.

Today GREEN THAT WORKS has opened to the WORLD, thus it becomes GREEN THAT WORKS WORLD.

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~ Antonio Levy Ingles Jr PhD
*Climate Reality Leader / Mentor
*Aral Pinoy Founder / Educator



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